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    LPS Dual/Concurrent Credit Program
    Qualified students may be enrolled concurrently at LPS and Collin College for specified classes noted in the LPS course catalog. Students in dual credit courses earn both high school and college credit. Students must meet Collin College admissions requirements and secure their high school counselor’s approval for the dual credit courses selected. Students must successfully complete the Texas Success Initiative Examination (TSI) or provide proof of exemption from TSI and an A/B grade point average is recommended.
    Students are responsible for paying for tuition, books and fees associated with Collin College dual credit courses. Contact the LPS registrar for information on qualifications for funding assistance. 
    Transportation is not provided to or from Collin College. LPS will offer one section of ENGL 1301 in Fall 2021 and ENGL 1302 in Spring 2022 on the LPS campus. 
    Students who are interested in our dual/concurrent credit program should complete the steps in the Dual/Concurrent Registration Checklist.
    After students have applied and received their CWID from Collin College:
    1. Complete the first page of the High School Permission Form (including your CWID) and obtain parent approval
    2. Email the High School Permission Form to dualcredit@lpsfrisco.net and list the Course Numbers of the classes planed to take in the body of the email (ex. ENGL 1301, HIST 1301). The back of the permission form must be completed by an LPS staff member.
    3. Include in the email if the student is requesting to take the ENGL 1301 section that will take place on the LPS campus Fall 2021
    4. You will receive email confirmation when your form has been sent to Collin College for processing
    5. Allow 48 hours for Collin College to process the form after it has been sent
    2021-2022 Fall/Summer 2021 Registration Important Dates
    Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - High School Permission Form Opens 
    Friday, April 16, 2021 - High School Permission Form Due by 4pm
    Tuesday, April 20, 2021 - Collin College Registration Opens
    Wednesday, May 12, 2021 - Dual Credit Course Registration and Payment Deadline

Collin College Dual Credit Presentation February 2021

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