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    What is Echo?

    Echo is the learning management software designed by New Tech Network(NTN) to streamline the project-based learning(PBL) experience. You will want to familiarize yourself with Echo because it is how you can see your student's learning progress, grades, and classroom activities/events. 

    To Access the New To LPS Echo Webinar click here.

    Echo is used on the Secondary campus for grades 5-12. Scroll down for FAQ including how to enroll in a course.


    Getting started? Take a look at the LPS Echo Quick Guide for Parents.

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  • Echo provides a notifications feature for parents and observers. Follow the instructions on this page or watch this video on how to set up notifications and receive text or email alerts concerning your student’s grades.

    Watch this video below or click to watch on Youtube: HOW TO SET UP ECHO NOTIFICATIONS 

    You can also read about Setting Up Notifications here.

Frequently Asked Echo Questions

How Do Students Use Echo?