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UNT BBA Marketing 2008 New Product Development Certification 2008 MJ Strategic Communication and Computer Education 2013 TEXES Generalist EC-6 TEXES Technology Education 6-12

Ms. Aguilar King

Computer Science at LPS

Are you looking for an elective to help you with your overall academic readiness and problem-solving? Computer science, or “CS,” is one of the newest and most creative subjects in any school. A lot of students think CS is meant for only certain types of students. But that isn’t true! 

To do well in computer science, the most important things to have are a desire to solve problems and a willingness to explore new ideas. 

People who do computer science as a career are involved in every industry out there, from music and film production to healthcare and environmental work, because of their excellence in problem solving and planning skills.  

Because of our partnership with Microsoft’s TEALS program, Leadership Prep School is one of the few schools in our area with a robust computer science program. 

Take a look at the courses we have to offer below as you’re thinking about which classes to sign up for.  




Mrs. Aguilar - King

Teacher, Graphic Design, Computer Science

Advisor, Business Professionals of America, Cyberstart America, and Yearbook

  •  As you're choosing your courses this year, consider Computer Science! If you have any questions about the CS courses, you can always come to talk to Ms. Aguilar or Mrs. Blankenship.



    Computer Science 1 

    Computer Science 2

    AP Computer Science 

    Principles (2021-2022)*

    Recommended for students:

    In 8th grade

    Have no prior coding experience 

    9th grade or 8th graders

    Have taken Algebra 1 

    Have taken both Algebra 1 and 2 (or concurrently enrolled in Algebra 2)

    Students on the AP track who are interested in the history of computing and the global impact of emerging technologies

    No prior coding experience required 





    Block programming with Javascript





    • Problem Solving
    • Web Development
    • Interactive Games and Animation
    • The Design Process
    • Data and Society
    • Physical Computing 
    • Snap Basics
    • Loops
    • Customizations
    • Cloning
    • Problem Solving
    • Introduction to Python
    • Conditionals
    • Functions 
    • Loops and Lists
    • Music Programing
    • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

    Big Ideas of Computer Science

    • Modularity
    • Variables
    • Control
    • Impact of Computing

    Computational Thinking Practices: Skills

    • Program Design and Algorithm Development
    • Code Logic
    • Code Implementation
    • Code Testing
    • Documentation
    • Creative Development 
    • Data
    • Algorithms and programming
    • Impact of Computing
    • Computational Solution Design
    • Algorithms and Abstraction in Program Development 
    • Code Analysis
    • Computing Innovations 
    • Responsible Computing

    Major Projects


    App Design

    Game Design 


    Mario/Platform Game

    Space Invaders

    Text Monsters 

    Oregon Trail 

    Music Composition


    AP Computer Science Principles test prep

    Create and Explore Task practice

    * AP Computer Science A and Principles (2021-2022) are offered in alternate years

    If you're interested in volunteering as a guest teacher in Computer Science, please apply at


    • 12% growth from 2014–2024, 4.4 million jobs in 2024 – US Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • In 2015, there were 600K high-paying tech jobs in the US that were unfilled, and by 2018, 51% of all STEM jobs are projected to be in computer science-related fields
    • But paradoxically, there are fewer students graduating with computer science degrees today than there were even 10 years ago. This decline is even more significant among women and minority groups
    • Only 2.5% of all undergraduate degrees awarded are in computer science today
    • In 1985 women made up 37% of all CS degrees, but in today only 17% of all CS degree holders are women

    Source: NCES Digest Of Educational Statistics


    More about me:
    Before any project- I tell students "do not build without a plan!" While the mantra has become a running theme in my classes, I truly believe in this principle. That's why I've spent over 72 professional development hours focused on building and growing the computer science program at LPS. 
    My master's degree is in strategic communication and computer education. During my studies, I worked in marketing, alumni and student communications at the University of North Texas. I spend over a decade in marketing, app and content development for housing and financial services companies. I hold a bachelor's degree in business administration, marketing and product development. My husband and I both graduated from UNT and love our two dogs. Both dogs are named after pop culture icons, as we both love everything film, sports and music!