Ms. Aguilar



Degrees and Certifications:

UNT BBA Marketing 2008 New Product Development Certification 2008 MJ Strategic Communication and Computer Education 2013 TEXES Generalist EC-6 TEXES Technology Education 6-12

Ms. Aguilar

It's Ms. A, your former Principles of AV Tech and Communication, and AV Production teacher! I'm excited to announce that this year, we have a new AV Teacher, and I will be focused on teaching Graphic Design 1 and 2. But that's not all! We're adding Computer Science to the mix!
This year, LPS entered a partnership with Microsoft Philanthropies TEALS to build our Computer Science program!

There are more than 500,000 open computer science positions without qualified talent to fill them across all industries. As a computer immersion school, we are trying to help ensure our students have access to the necessary education to ensure a successful future for them.

Microsoft Philanthropies TEALS is a program that recruits, mentors, and places passionate technology professionals into high school classrooms as volunteer instructors. These volunteers bring subject matter expertise and will join to teach computer science together. TEALS provides training for both parties, rigorous curricula, and opportunities for students to continue their education outside of the classroom.

After applying and being accepted into the TEALS program, we will offer three courses in the 2019-2020 school year: Computer Science 1, Cybersecurity and Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles.

The Computer Science 1 is based on the award-winning University of California Berkeley CS10 course and is adapted specifically for high schools. 


Why am I a good fit for computer science?

Before I started teaching in 2017, I worked in marketing, communications and product development for over a decade.  Throughout my graduate studies in communication, I focused on product development and integration of instructional technology in both corporate and university classrooms. 

My last communications role was creating automated communication systems, production management and vetting new technology for a multi-billion dollar financial services company.
Before any project- I tell students "do not build without a plan!" While the mantra has become a running theme in my classes, I truly believe in this principle. That's why I've spent over 60 professional development hours this year focused on building and growing the computer science curriculum this year. After partnering with TEALS, we're excited to announce guest teachers for the 2019-2020 Computer Science 1 classroom!
Five professionals from the computer science and software engineering field will serve as teaching volunteers this year. They have also dedicated countless hours outside of their current careers to learn the fundamentals of instruction and prepare lessons for LPS students. Please share our gratitude and welcome:

TEALS Volunteer Teacher: DJ Belieny

TEALS Volunteer Teacher: Zulfiquar Choudhri 

TEALS Volunteer TA: Antonio Luevano

TEALS Volunteer TA: David Jeong

TEALS Volunteer TA: Binod Nair

If your student is enrolled in introduction to computer science, you will receive a welcome email from us with more information about the new course. If you're interested in volunteering, please contact me at 
More about me:
My master's degree is in strategic communication and computer education which I earned while working in marketing, alumni and student communications at the University of North Texas. I hold a bachelor's degree in business administration, marketing and product development. My husband, Sean, and I both graduated from UNT and love our two dogs, Ren and Layla. Both dogs are named after pop culture icons, as we both love everything film, sports and music!

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