Welcome to Art

  • Each year in art we focus on individual creativity, exploration, and excellence.  Each grade level will explore art through their grade level TEKS and will produce projects that are specific to each grade level.  Each year we will expound on the previous year’s TEKS and abilities.  Some projects will be repeated to show growth over time and others will be new and unique. 


    All students will do well in art as long as they try to do their best and complete their projects each nine weeks.  When students are finished with their work and I see that they have given great effort, students will have the opportunity to explore art stations and sharpen their saw based on their preferences.  These stations include architecture, cursive handwriting, book’s about famous authors, sensory art, drawing, and free draw. 


    Each student has their own sketchbook and this sketch books will come home with them at the end of the school year.  We will have an art showcase each time there is a grade level musical performance.  Please check the website for upcoming events.