• Lottery  

    Charter School Lottery Rules, Guidelines and Regulations

    Leadership Prep is a public charter school. The open enrollment period is from the first Monday of February to the third Friday of February each year for the next school year. During this time, any student in our geographic boundaries can submit a pre-enrollment application for an available space. Our geographical boundaries are:
    Allen ISD, Aubrey ISD, Celina ISD, Denton ISD, Frisco ISD, Lewisville ISD, Little Elm ISD, McKinney ISD, Plano ISD and Prosper ISD
    At the end of the enrollment period, if there are more applications than spaces, everyone will go into a random electronic lottery to fill the spaces and to generate the waiting list. Consideration will be given for siblings. If there are fewer applications than spaces, then all applicants can be admitted and applications can continue to be taken on a first come, first served basis. 
    The lottery system sends an email within 48 hours of the lottery taking place with the applicant's results. Those admitted will receive an electronic admission packet that must be completed by the given deadline. Failure to submit a completed admission packet will cause the forfeit of his/her position in the application process. The remaining names from the lottery will then be drawn and placed on a waiting list in the order in which they were drawn. If a vacancy arises before the commencement of the Leadership Prep year, the individual on the waiting list with the lowest number assignment will be offered admission and then removed from the waiting list. If an application is received after the application period has passed, the applicant’s name will be added to the waiting list behind the names of the applicants who timely applied.
    Waiting lists will not carry over from year to year, so any students not admitted will have to reapply the following year.

    Admitted students will have the opportunity to re-enroll in February for the next school year without going through the lottery. Their siblings will be given priority for any available spaces.


    Staff children are exempt from the lottery and will also be given priority for any available spaces.

    Federal guidelines permit the school to exempt students already admitted, siblings of students already admitted, children of the charter’s founders, and children of teachers.