Admission Process
    Thinking of Becoming a Part of the Leadership Prep School Family?

    Below are answers to the many questions that we receive regarding enrollment into
    Leadership Prep School. Please read thoroughly and if you still have any questions, please feel free to email us at: info@lpsfrisco.com

    Will we have any tours/open houses prior to the Open Enrollment period? 
    Yes! We always offer open houses to prospective families in January before the application window opens in February so families can decide if LPS is the right fit for them. Stay tuned for more information.
    Due to COVID, Elementary will be releasing a virtual Open House on January 20th. It will be posted on the LPS homepage as well as the Open House page. It will be recorded so you can access it anytime.     
    When does Open Enrollment start?
    Our open enrollment opens on the first Monday of February and concludes on the third Friday of February each year for admission that fall. Our Pre-Enrollment is an online process and will be available on our website throughout the open enrollment period. This is NOT a first-come, first-served process; so it does not matter if you submit your application on the first day or the last day of open enrollment. If we receive more applications than open spaces during this three week window, then we will hold an electronic random lottery to determine those who are admitted and the order of those who are placed on the waiting list. If you apply outside that open enrollment window, then your application will go onto the list in the order in which it was received.
    For 2021, the Open Enrollment period is February 1st-19th. All applications received during that time will go into the lottery which will be held on Thursday, February 25th.

    What grades does Leadership Prep School serve? 
    We offer kindergarten through 12th grade. Our Elementary school serves grades K-4, our Middle school serves grades 5-8, and our High school serves grades 9-12.  
    What is the student to teacher ratio per class?
    We have 25 students per class (100 per grade) with one teacher for grades K-4th and 30 students per class for 5th-12th grades. We also have Academic Coaches that travel throughout the day to assist in the classrooms during their peak times to see that all students receive any extra attention that they may need. 
    Do LPS Students Wear Uniforms? 
    Yes, our students must wear uniform attire. Our basic guidelines are: a navy blue or white collared shirt and navy or khaki bottoms (pants, shorts, skort) for grades Kindergarten - 4th grade. Middle and high school grades may also wear forest green collared shirts in addition to navy and white; high schoolers also have the option of black.
    Does LPS charge a Tuition?
    No, we are a state funded Charter School and we do not charge tuition. We do however, charge a yearly supply fee. This fee covers all school supplies for the entire school year, class field trips, parties, class t-shirt and more. The specifics are communicated to parents before the start of the school year.
    Does LPS offer Special Education options?
    Yes, we have a highly trained staff of special education teachers who are highly knowledgeable in Dyslexia, ESL and special education.