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    LPS Dual Credit & Associate Degree Program


    Qualified students may be enrolled concurrently at LPS and Collin College for specified classes noted in the LPS course catalog. Students in dual credit courses earn both high school and college credit. Students must meet Collin College admissions requirements and secure their high school counselor’s approval for the dual credit courses selected. Students must successfully complete the Texas Success Initiative Examination (TSI) or provide proof of exemption from TSI and an A/B grade point average is recommended. Courses are being added each year starting in the 2017-18 school year that will allow 2020 graduates to earn an  associate degree through Collin College while completing the  requirements for a high school diploma. Students are responsible for paying for tuition, books and fees associated with Collin College dual credit courses.  Transportation is not provided to or from Collin College.
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