Leadership Prep School Named Spotlight School by New Tech Network

Leadership Prep School Frisco announced today that it received the distinction as an Ignite Spotlight School by the New Tech Network (NTN). NTN, a leading design partner for comprehensive K – 12 school change, recognizes Spotlight Schools as schools that examine the strengths and challenges of their practices in the context of the NTN design pillars: outcomes that matter, teaching that engages, culture that empowers and technology that enables.

These pillars organize the work of whole-school transformation and help school communities understand the overarching goals that impact all phases of the school development process, helping students develop the skills required to succeed in college, career or civic life.


To receive this distinction, Leadership Prep School engaged in collaborative reflection to connect their work to equitable teaching strategies thereby highlighting an approach central to their success for meeting the needs of all learners. Leadership Prep School also detailed strategies for ongoing teacher development and how that translates to a meaningful classroom experience for students. LPS designed a learning opportunity about their featured practice to support a national education community.  

Leadership Prep School is committed to academic excellence. We purposely created our school as a center of excellence for both our students and faculty. We motivate and challenge our students sto integrate real-world applications and leadership skills into everything they do, from school to sports, to work and family. As a public school option, Leadership Prep School provides a tuition-free choice with open enrollment. 


About New Tech Network

New Tech Network, a national nonprofit organization, is a leading design partner for comprehensive K-12 school change. NTN has successfully guided over 200 schools and districts in 28 states with a whole school, systemic approach where student skills are valued as much as test scores. New Tech Network provides professional development and coaching for teachers and school leaders to inspire and engage all students through authentic and challenging work. The New Tech school model features multiple student learning outcomes combined with pervasive project-based learning, an inclusive school-wide culture and the real-world use of technology tools and resources.