Volunteer Resource Links

  • Helper Helper Service Tracker
  • Volunteer Match
  • Frisco Volunteer Opportunities
  • Give For Frisco Volunteer Listings
  • Little Hands (For Volunteers Ages 4-10)
  • Generations Hope (Founded by LPS Students)
  • Servant Leader Learning Projects

    Students are expected to complete a designated number of hours of service learning each semester.

    Elementary = 4 hours

    Middle School = 5 hours

    High School = 6 hours 

    These hours can be fulfilled through a variety of projects, and some may be coordinated by the school or individual classes. General chores, such as household chores or other tasks a student is normally expected to complete at home, do not count toward the four hours of service learning each semester.

    Tracking and Logging Your Service Hours

    Community Service Hours must be submitted online to Helper-Helper by the student. A description of the service, along with the date, #of hours, service organization, supervisor’s name, information, and a brief reflection must be included. Hours will not be approved until they have been verified on Helper-Helper by the volunteer supervisor. Any missing information may result in non-approved service hours.

    1)      Look for an email from Helper-Helper it will be from info@helperhelper.com.  Follow the instructions to complete the registration process. You must use your LPS email address.  If you are able to join a group, please join your graduating class.

    2)      Record your complete service hours. Remember to complete all information regarding the event at which you volunteered. See the list below for LPS Approved Community Service Hours. Your supervisor’s email address must be included so they may verify your hours.

    Your service hours will be reviewed by LPS Staff (Your Humanities Teacher) and will either be approved or not approved. If you volunteer for an event that is not approved, see LPS Learning and Leadership Coordinator, Mrs. Ross, for clarification---the issue might be as simple as needing a little more information. It’s up to you to find out! The reviewing process might take several days. Please email helperhelper@lpsfrisco.net if you have any questions.

    Examples for service learning credit can include:

    ●   Opportunities found on the resource links on this site

    ●   Volunteering with any organizations with which they or their families are affiliated (e.g. philanthropic organizations, churches, hospitals, etc.).

    ●   Participating in school-wide drives or campaigns for organizations like Frisco Family Services.

    These projects will be overseen by the student's humanities (Social Studies and History) teacher and will count as a grade, and students are expected to communicate what they did and how it impacted them to their teacher in some form.

    All LPS students who complete 150 community service volunteer hours by April 1st of their senior year will be awarded a community Service Cord at graduation and noted in the graduation program. Hours must be obtained between the summer after 8th grade and April 1st of their Senior Year, and must be completed and submitted on their Helper-Helper account by April 1st of Senior Year.