• Leadership Prep employs a medical professional at both campuses to provide healthcare to students and staff, promote a healthy school environment, and manage school health policies and programs. 


    We believe each child is entitled to a level of health which permits maximum utilization of educational opportunities, and the medical professional in the school setting has the responsibility to assist in the attainment of optimum health for each student. We believe that the youth of Texas are our most valuable natural resource and acknowledge that although students come to school with complex and diverse health care needs, they should be provided an education in the least restrictive environment. We also believe that the school children of Texas have the right to receive safe, appropriate, specialized health services that may be required to assure the child’s inclusion in the school environment.


    •  To serve as a resource person to students, faculty, and community by providing current health information and instructions
    •  To maintain an up-to-date health record on each student
    •  To assess student health needs by screening procedures, health appraisals and referrals, and follow-up
    •  To help prevent the spread of communicable diseases among students
    •  To administer emergency first aid
    •  To help prepare the student to assume the responsibility for his or her own health


    Please note: If you would like your child to receive oral nonprescription medication at school, such as Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, Tums, Cough Drops and Throat Strips, you must bring the medication to the school nurse and contact them for the proper forms to fill out or follow this link to fill out the form

    Elementary Campus - Jennifer Anderson   janderson@lpsfrisco.com 

    Secondary Campus - Michelle Chau mchau@lpsfrisco.com

  • When to keep your child home from school

  • COVID-19 Health Guidance

  • How do we prevent and mitigate disease?

  • Immunization Information

  • Guidelines for the Care of Students with Food Allergies

  • Bacterial Meningitis Information for Students & Parents