• Lion Collegiate Academy

    LPS Launches Lion Collegiate Academy Beginning Next Year

    As Leadership Prep School continues to exhibit excellence and innovation, the district is announcing the launching of the Lion's Collegiate Academy in partnership with Collin College. This program allows students to simultaneously earn an associate degree and high school diploma, or earn up to 60 hours of dual credit while in high school. This program begins in the 2024-25 school year. 

    “We are excited to bring this amazing opportunity to our students,” Audra Floyd, Chief Academic Officer, said. “We are so fortunate to have a Collin College campus in our community where our students can earn two degrees at the same time.”

    Additionally, Lion Collegiate Academy students will be enrolled at Leadership Prep School and can continue to be a Lion by participating in LPS programs including fine arts, athletics, career and technology education and other student clubs. One of the most critical parts of LPS providing this opportunity for students is to ensure students have a high school experience to learn, grow and lead in all areas.

    “We are excited to be entering into this new partnership with LPS Lion Collegiate Academy and allowing more students to experience college early through our program,” said Raul Martinez, associate vice president of P-12 partnerships for Collin College. “Through our program, LPS students can earn college credits while still in high school, scholarship opportunities, and access to all that Collin College offers.” 

    Families interested in learning more about the LPS Lion Collegiate Academy may contact Karon Andrews, the Academic Advisor.

    Students Apply here. Applications due by 1/19/23


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Lion Collegiate Academy FAQ

GPA/Graduation Questions

Financial Questions

Dual Credit Questions

  • What are the benefits of dual credit?

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    • Receive high school and college credit for courses in which a “C” or better is earned

    • Count as a Performance Acknowledgement

    • Graduate from high school with transferable college credits

    • Fast-track to undergraduate or vocational degrees

    • Save on tuition and fees by accelerating time to degree completion

    • Have access to the full range of dual credit partner services and events

    • Experience college culture

    • Gain confidence to succeed in college

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  • What is the TSI test?

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    • Texas requires students to demonstrate college-readiness prior to enrolling in college-level courses (dual credit).  This test is the only approved exam in the state. 
      Students can be exempt from taking the TSI Assessment as below:

    • PSAT Scores and/or STAAR EOC English 2

    • STAAR EOC Alg I with a final grade in Alg 2 of a 70 or better

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  • Do I have to take the TSI to get into the LCA?

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    TSI is required for entry into the LCA. It is necessary for students to either be exempt from or take the TSI Assessment before taking college-level courses.  Collin College requires students to take all three areas of the TSI, but students only need to have met the Reading and Writing requirements until such time that they enroll in a college-level Math class.

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  • For a student who plans to attend an out of state college, will they benefit from the degree?

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    The Academic Advisor will meet with students to develop a 4-year plan that takes into consideration a student’s post-secondary plans and goals.  As students move forward in the program and are selecting colleges, we encourage students to check with the university on what courses would transfer.  All college credits taken transfer as credit hours; however, unless they are Texas Collegiate Common Core courses they could potentially transfer only as generic elective credit.  The core curriculum for Collin College can be found at https://www.collin.edu/academics/programs/Core_Academic_old.html. Students planning to transfer to an out-of-state institution should consult with the institution they are considering attending to discuss transferability of credit.

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  • How does discipline affect the LCA?

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    LCA students contractually agree to the following: Participation in the Lion Collegiate Academy is considered a privilege and higher standards are expected from all participants as it pertains to grades, behavior in and out of school, attendance, work ethic, and commitment.  Any behavior, academic or otherwise, that is deemed unbecoming of a LCA student will be subject to a disciplinary process discipline rendered by Secondary Campus administrators.
    All general scholastic dishonesty including plagiarism, cheating and collusion and Title IX/VAWA/Clery complaints will continue to be addressed through the appropriate reporting structure by the Collin College Dean of Students Office. Questions on violations of scholastic dishonesty can be directed to the appropriate Academic Associate Dean, and reports of discrimination based on sex, including sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, sexual assault/misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking  need to be directed to The Collin College Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator.

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  • How do we go about choosing an emphasis area of study? What are our options to consider?

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    During freshman year, the CA team will work with each 9th grader on 4-year planning and based on that, students will be able to select their pathway for both high school and college graduation.

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  • Is tutoring offered if needed?

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    In addition to tutoring or office hours provided by your professors, these tutoring resources are available to you for your Collin classes: NetTutor Online Tutoring – Online tutoring is available through https://www.nettutor.com/. College Algebra students-- Math Labs available on several campuses. https://www.collin.edu/studentresources/mathlab/ (Links to an external site.). Students can utilize whichever of these is most convenient; it does not matter if they generally have classes online or at a different campus.

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  • Where does my student take the dual credit classes for the LCA?

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    All classes are offered on the LPS Secondary campus.

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